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Ramazan Possibly to Start from May 7 in Pakistan


The moon of the holy month Ramazan is expected to be sighted on the 6th of May in Pakistan and the month is likely to begin from the 7th of May, as per sources expert in the field and in the Meteorological Department.

As per them while the moon would most possibly be in the sickle moon lunar phase on the 5th of May, provided definite factors, it would not be seen in Pakistan until the following night.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabi and other Middle Eastern nations, however, would be able to see the moon on the 5th of May and would start fasting from the 6th of May.

Dr. Shahid Qureshi—famous scientist and ex-director of the Karachi University Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics told local media that the Ramazan moon would be in phase on the 5th May by around 3:45 am in the morning.

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He added that even though the moon would-be 15hours and 18minutes old by the time sun would set on that day in Pakistan, it would be only 7 degrees above the horizon.

He said that this means that there would be no chance of sighting the Ramazan moon in Pakistan on May 5.

He also said that the moon would possibly be seen in the country on the 6th of May and the first fast would most probably be on 7th May. The neighbors of Pakistan which include Bangladesh and other nations in Africa and Asia would possibly be in the same boat and would only be able to witness the Ramazan moon on the 6th of May as well.

Met Department upon contact denied giving any official statement on the possible date of Ramazan and the moon sightings.

However, sources in the department have unofficially confirmed the prediction of Dr. Qureshi.

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