Railways to Start a New Train Between Karachi-Sukkur – Research Snipers

Railways to Start a New Train Between Karachi-Sukkur


As per the reports of local media Sheikh Rasheed, the Minister of Railways made an announcement of starting up a new train service from Karachi to Sukkur.

Recently 3 new trains have been inaugurated in Sindh which includes Mohenjo-Daro, Rubi and Sindh express, as informed by the railway minister while talking to the media.

He said although there was a lack of resources in terms of money, freight wagons, coaches, they still managed to add 8 million passengers and would surely be adding further for 10 million passengers.

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Repeating Prime Ministers stance over NRO, the Sheikh Rasheed said that the premier will never hand over NRO to anyone.

He further added that, two hundred and seventy million rupees have been spent on the renovation and construction of the Bahawalpur Railway station. All masses would be given the best facilities at the station.

During the inauguration ceremony of the station, this Friday Sheikh Rasheed said that the provision of best facilities to the passengers is something to which Pakistan Railways has always strived for.

While addressing he also mentioned that the development of the Railway system is very significant for the economy.

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