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Railways to Run 5 Special Eid Trains

5 special eid trains

Recently, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed the minister for railways announced that 5 special Eid trains would be operated by Pakistan Railways in order to facilitate the travellers.

At a press conference, he said that a maximum number of encroachments will be removed within fifteen days from the KCR (Karachi circular railway). He added that they would try to make efforts and remove the encroachments in 1 month.

In order to take the plan of 5 special Eid trains forward the minister of railways would be visiting Sukkur on Wednesday for the inspection of the tracks.

He says that it is confirmed that the Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited (RAILCOP) would definitely be established.

Moreover, for reducing the flow of passengers, it is now being allowed that Jaffar express, Pakistan Business Express, Tezgaam and Khyber Mail to stop at the Lahore station.

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While answering a question Sheikh Rasheed said that twenty trains out of thirty run on profit while the 4 of them runs in a deficit, but it is being managed.

 Through thirty trains around five billion rupees has been earned in a period of 8 months.

In a taunting manner, he said that there are some powers who do not want the tracks to spread till Gwadar. The minister refrained from taking names. He added that he wants CPEC to get operational as soon as possible.

Sheikh Rasheed said that it has been decided that one thousand stalls would be set up to provide tea to the passengers travelling in the trains at low rates. Regarding this Railways has also invited tenders.

According to the railway minister, all the problems that our country is facing were created by Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif.

He states that Imran Khan is making pure efforts to defeat the economic crises, it has become a challenge for him.

While concluding he says, everything is now in the hands of public whether they choose those people who destroyed our county or those who are making complete efforts to make the country prosper and develop.

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