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Railways to Offer 50percent Discount in Train Fares for Eid

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Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways on Saturday has made the announcement of giving 50percent discount in train fares for Eid special trains to the passengers, as per the reports of local media.

While addressing a press conference, Sheikh Rasheed announced a 50percent discount on the rail fares for facilitating the passengers on the evening of Eid-ul-Azha.

He also said that Sindh Express would be inaugurated after Eid in Multan and further said that the work on the ML-1 project would be begun soon.

The minister also said that both the Thar Express and the Samjhota Express operations were suspended after detailed planning.

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On the occasion, the minister warned India that if the war was shoved upon, it would be the final war.

Previously on the 7th of August, the first special train of the Pakistan Railways for the festivity of Eid was planned to depart from Karachi on the 10th of August.

According to the details, the first special train would leave from the city to Rawalpindi via Lahore, while the second train would be leaving from Quetta to Rawalpindi on the same day.

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Railways had informed the ministry that it had decided to join the additional coaches with the regular trains for accommodating the maximum number of people for the religious occasion.

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