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Railways to Launch 2 New Non-Stop Trains

20 more trains

Sheikh Rasheed—the Minister for Railways on Saturday made the announcement that the Pakistan Railways would be launching 2 new non-stop trains from the 23rd of March.

While conversing with the journalists in Peshawar, the Railways Minister said that owing to their extraordinary performance, all the passenger tickets up till the 15th of January have been booked and they were planning to launch the emergency trains for facilitating the passengers.

Underlining on the performance of his ministry, Sheikh Rasheed challenged everyone to launch twenty trains in the brief span of 100 days. He also said that the passengers of Railways have increased by 20 per cent in the initial months of the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

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The minister said that the Pakistan Railways has given a fusibility deal for Peshawar-Jalalabad train and has announced that it would soon be launching 15 freight trains. The minister said that he would be fulfilling the responsibility assigned by the Prime Minister—Imran Khan.

It is important to mention that the Pakistan Railways Minister has made the claim that the PR would soon be launching 2 new trains.

While addressing a presser at the Pakistan Railways headquarters, Sheikh Rasheed said that 2 new trains from Karachi to Dhabeji and Karachi to Hyderabad would be launched soon.

The minister also said that the PR was emphasizing on enhancing the potential of trains and on implementing low fares. He also added that timings of the trains have also been revised for the ease of people. He also informed that the Rail-Car to Islamabad from Lahore would now run at 10am instead of 8am.

He also added that the route of Sukkur Express was also being extended to Shikarpur and Jacobabad.

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