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Railways to Introduce Free Track Policy, Says Sheikh Rasheed

free track policy

Sheikh Rasheed, the Minister of Railways said that Pakistan Railways has taken the decision about introducing a “free track policy” by permitting private parties to use the PR tracks by operating their own trains.

While speaking at a press conference at the headquarters of the Pakistan Railways, he said that PR has taken the decision of outsourcing its 9 passenger and freight trains this year. He also added that 3 freight trains have already been outsourced.

He further admitted that the main objective for the surge in train accidents is the deteriorating rail track that was built-in 1861.

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He also said that the surge in train accidents are only because of the decaying mainline track of 1861 and the mainline-1 is the one solution to curb the accidents.

The minister indicated at the early decision on the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cases which involves the previous premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the country would soon hear good news regarding the sugar and wheat flour crisis, as PM Khan is all set to take action against all the ones who are involved in this mess.

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