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Railways to Introduce “Behave Good” Campaign from Next Month

behave good campaign

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways has made the announcement on Monday that Pakistan Railways would be launching theClean, Green and Behave Good campaign from the 1st of February in the country. The campaign would continue for one month.

While making the announcement of the campaign in Islamabad via a video message, Sheikh Rasheed said that under the campaign cleaning activity would be conducted at the railway platforms and trees would also be planted on the railway stations.

The minister added that the railways staff would behave well with the travellers displaying exemplary behaviour towards them and would provide the best possible services to the commuters.

He added that he would himself be monitoring the campaign which would continue until the 28th of February and he would also be meeting with the travelers at the platforms.

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Sheikh Rasheed also informed that a complaint cell has been installed at the Ministry of Railways for improving the services of the department and for ending corruption and malpractices.

The minister urged that people should be discouraged to travel without tickets.

He also said that railway was a channel of transportation for the less privileged, hence they should be facilitated to the most and there should be no negligence in providing them with the best possible services.

The minister also informed that freight operations would be extended in the city of Multan.

He also gave instructions for the start of renovation work at all the railway stations in Bahawalpur on time.

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