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Railways Likely to Suspend Operations by Midnight

Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways would most likely be suspending its trains services across the nation by Tuesday midnight, as said by Sheikh Rasheed, the federal minister for Railways.

The minister has said that after all the trains that are on their respective routes reach back to their destinations the service would be suspended. He said that an official statement would be passed after getting approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He also said that previously 40 trains were closed, and if all the 108 trains would have been suspended there would have been a chaotic situation. The minister also said that a decision about the cargo and freight trans would also be taken, that whether they would keep on operating or shut down.

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He said that it is of importance that the train services be suspended otherwise people would be coming on the tracks which could be dangerous. He further mentioned that the problem is not Punjab, but the issue lied in Sindh as people form here are travelling back to their villages.

Sheikh Rasheed said that all these people are from the lower-income group and are commuting via the economy class. He said the utmost priority is to let these people reach their homes safely because if the trains would be stopped midway it would result in creating problems for these travellers.

He informed that an official notification about the decision would be issued by 5 pm today.

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