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Railway to Recruit 8,000 Employees

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The cabinet division has given out an instruction to recruit 8,000 employees of grade 1-5 in the Pakistan Railways and has instructed the Minister of Railways—Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed for filling the positions on an immediate basis.

The minister for railways said that the process of hiring would be done via balloting and a transparent procedure would be adopted so that no one could accuse him of nepotism.

Sheikh Rasheed also informed that the Prime Minister—Imran Khan would be inaugurating the Sir Syed Express on the 3rd of July.

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The minister said that he would be keeping the performance of the entire year before the country on the 24th of August. He also said that fares had been surged owing to the increase in petrol prices.

While talking to the media officials outside the Parliament House, the minister said that Railways was intending to lay a railway track from Chaman to Kandahar which would be connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan for boosting the business activities.

He said that efforts had been invested in to curb the deficit of railways by Rs3 to Rs4 billion.

He informed that the Railways had operated 34 passenger trains via which 65,000 more passengers travelled and also surged the number of freight trains.

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