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Railway Headquarter to be Moved to Karachi

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Sheikh Rashid Ahmed—the Minister for Railways announced on Friday that railway headquarter would be moved to Karachi from Lahore.

He gave this information while talking to media at the inauguration ceremony of a freight train at the Cantt Station—Karachi. While briefing about the revival of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), the minister said that a committee would soon be formed led by him in the supervision of the PM—Imran Khan. He said that work for the revival of KCR must be imposed soon. He added that nobody would be permitted to create any hindrance in the way of Karachi Circular Railway.

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While giving details about the performance of Pakistan Railway, the minister said that during the present year 20 new cargo trains would be introduced into the railways fleet. He also informed that after the introduction of cargo trains the traffic flow on roads would also be reduced.

He further added that Pakistan Railways would play a significant role in making the economy of the country sable.

About the newly launched freight train Sheikh Rasheed said that the train is being operated on public-private partnership. The train would be carrying cargo costing nearly 1,250 tonnes from Karachi to Lahore. He further informed that the freight train would have 25 bogies.

He said that the policy of zero tolerance towards corruption would be implemented in the railways department and it would be put on the path of progress and development.

The minister also informed that the complete track from Karachi to Peshawar would soon be upgraded.

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