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Raees was Offered to Iman Ali First

Iman Ali

Iman Ali is undoubtedly a big name of the country. Her stardom and versatility is what that makes her stand apart among all others.

In her recent interview with Iffat Omar, she indicated that ninety per cent of the movies that are made in Pakistan today are still offered to her first. She further added that however she only opts for the scripts she really likes. She also said that the lines in the script, if do not appeal to her then it feels like slavery not work.

When was asked regarding being offered a Bollywood project (Raees), first, she laughed and then indicated that the person who placed the call informed her that the role was with Shahrukh Khan. She said that she asked for the script from them, but as per Iman Ali, her request was not much liked.

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She further indicated that she has noticed that asking for scripts is the right of an actor, but she has noticed that people get offended by it and this is not right and should not happen.

Iman Ali was firm on her stance that the fame she deserved would come to her even if she has not worked in India.

The actress opened up about the death of her father and the trauma she has gone through and that stayed with her after.

On the other hand, Fahad Mustafa has indicated that he had a crush on Iman Ali until he met her.

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