Radio Pakistan Awarded First Position in World Radio Contest 2019

First Position

Radio Pakistan has been awarded the first position in the world radio contest 2019. The contest was held in Paris, France. According to the press release it was organized by the European Radio and Digital Audio Show Paris in UNESCO’s collaboration.

Radio stations participated in this contest from all over the world. As Radio Pakistan was awarded the first position, it shared the award with Children International Youth Reporters Zambia. The second position was given to the BIRSt Radio- Bournemouth University United Kingdom.

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In the contest, there was program called “Rabtta” that was presented. It was produced and broadcasted by Radio Pakistan’s Islamabad station. It was on world radio day theme “Radio: a vehicle for dialogue, tolerance and peace”.

The Radio Pakistan Islamabad Station Director Muhammad Fiaz Kiani and the entire production team was congratulated by the Secretary Information and Broadcasting and Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Shafqat Jalil on winning the contest.

He expressed his confidence that the Radio Pakistan professionals will continue to work with utmost dedication and produce results that will improve the organization’s image at national and global level.

At the prize winning program the executive producer was Riffat Qayyum, while the members of the production team included Producers Shahid Afraz Khan, Jarullah and Ali Farooqi were present. The program was hosted by Amina Saleem Siddiqui.

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