Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) vehicle registration plates to be launched in Islamabad


In Islamabad, Radio frequency identification (RFID) vehicle registration plates will be introduced. The aim is to meet international standards and counter terrorism-related activities and auto theft.

Once this initiative is implemented it will increase revenue collections and help authorities in tracing defaulters.

Islamabad Excise Department and the Islamabad Safe City Project conducted a meeting in which the project was discussed and finalized. Then the proposal was sent to the interior ministry for approval.

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As the excise department discovered that launching uniform registration plates in Pakistan were impossible due to many complications, this step was taken.

Then the interior ministry and the excise department decided to work upon an alternate solution. Now the excise department of Islamabad has recommended using RFID registration plates that will have details regarding the vehicle owner and registration and token tax.

The interior ministry and excise department wants to centralize the database of registration numbers so that every province has access to centralized data.

The Safe City Project’s CCTVs are recognizing and reading the registration plates that are issued by the excise department of Islamabad. Also, the plates issued by Punjab’s excise department are recognized by the CCTVs. RFID will be introduced as the third number plated that would be installed on the vehicle’s front windscreen. This modern technology is used globally.

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