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Quratulain Balouch Sings the FIFA World Cup 2018’s Official Anthem

Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup 2018’s Anthem Colours has been released and our very own singing sensation Quratulain Balouch has sung it in collaboration with international artist Jason Derulo. Derulo is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Colours in an electrifying, uplifting song that will energize you and will boost you during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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Even though there is no football team representing Pakistan in FIFA World Cup 2018, the song Colours is a depiction of Pakistan’s talent and culture. In the video, Jason & Quratulain Balouch are seen dancing on the beat and kids are playing on Karachi streets. Derulo has sung his part in English but the lyrics sung by Quraulain are in Urdu which is quite interesting. Urdu lyrics in an international song sung by a Pakistani artist is just amazing. The song symbolizes unity and harmony. Another point to be highlighted is the clothes worn in the video. People dancing in the background have worn desi Pakistani attire which is commendable. The videos end with Pakistan’s flag waved by the youngsters.


The video is shot in Karachi, Miami, and Haiti. It is an amazing collaboration and in the video, at different points, we see flags embodied from all over the world which indicates togetherness, equality, and love for all.

True, Pakistan’s team has not made to the football world cup but there are thousands of diehard football lovers in Pakistan. For them and for general music lovers, this song is a treat to hear.


It is pertinent to mention here that the flag of Pakistan was waved at FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony by Sarang Baloch

Do watch the full song here