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Quetta Bans Plastic Bags in The City

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Using plastic bags, its sale and purchase have been banned by the Quetta city authorities with effect from Thursday.

Quetta puts a ban on plastic bags in the city, the move has been taken by the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation (QMC). The administrator (QMC) Farooq Langove said in a statement that authorities have sealed 12 plastic warehouses in various locations of the city. He also said, the authority earlier gave two months to the producers and sellers of plastic bags and the deadline is now expired.

The administrator told reporters that the authority is mulling to introduce new biodegradable shopping bags in the city, private manufacturing plant to produce these bags in now operational. The administrator has also warned people involved in selling and purchasing plastic bags that are not biodegradable, he said, strict action would be taken against those still using plastic bags.

Langove also advised traders to use only biodegradable bags which reduce the environmental impact.

A similar move has also been taken in Karachi by Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), The CBC has provided a deadline of June 30, after that the authority will enforce the ban on plastic bags that are not environment-friendly and take strict action against people violating the orders. Previously, Hunza took action against the use of plastic bags in the valley by the district administration; Hunza became the first district to ban plastic bags in order to preserve the beauty of the valley.