Qualcomm Releases Snapdragon 888 5G A Powerful Mobile SoC

Snapdragon 888

At the annual Snapdragon Technology Summit last night, Snapdragon 888 was officially released.

According to the reports, Qualcomm is explaining why this generation of chips is named Snapdragon 888 instead of Snapdragon 875, because, in China, 888 is a very lucky number.

Looking at it this way, are Snapdragon 788 and Snapdragon 666 possible in the future?

In fact, it is not surprising that Qualcomm pays special attention to Chinese users. Of the 14 mobile phone manufacturers that have announced that Snapdragon 888 are adopted, 12 are Chinese companies. The combined share of Xiaomi, OV, and Meizu accounted for about half of the domestic market. After the separation of Huawei and Honor, Honor may also have the opportunity to launch Xiaolong 888 in the future.

This is the second 5G SoC based on the 5nm process after Kirin 9000. Of course, there are many differences between Qualcomm’s choice of chip architecture and Huawei, including Samsung’s 5nm process, the introduction of Cortex-X1 and Cortex-A78 dual cores, the AI ​​engine with 26TOPS computing power, and support for 144FPS games.