Qualcomm Hired HMD Global’s Top Executive For A New Position


Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer, announced on March 26 that he has decided to move on and left Nokia after helping create HMD in 2016. Sarvikas didn’t reveal at the time where he would be going, but now it has been revealed that he is ready to join the famous chipmaker Qualcomm.

Jim Cathey, SVP and President of Qualcomm’s global operations, welcomed Juho Sarvikas on Twitter for joining the company. Sarvikas will become the VP and President of the company’s North America business. He said on Twitter, “I’m really excited and look forward to joining the amazing #teamQualcomm.”

Juho Sarvikas joined HMD Global during its creation in 2016 as Chief Product Officer, responsible for leading HMD’s engineering, design, and marketing teams. He later became Vice President of HMD Global’s North American operations while maintaining his role as CFO. Before joining HMD Global, he worked at Microsoft as the head of Nokia’s feature phone business, following eight years at Nokia’s original phone division in various management roles. Needless to say, he had a key role to play at all three places: Nokia, Microsoft, and HMD Global.

Having vast experience and expertise in his field Juho Sarvikas could play an important role in Qualcomm’s emerging position as one of the top technology company in the industry, instead of just a chipset supplier. Qualcomm launched its Snapdragon Insiders program last month as a renewed marketing push, and rumours indicate the company may release its own Nintendo Switch-like game console. Sarvikas has a long history of managing consumer products from his time at Nokia, Microsoft, and HMD Global.

Qualcomm is not active in hunting talent, the company is also loosing employees at the other end, quite recently gave up on Yang Hou and released him to Microsoft, the executive will lead Entire Chinese region while working in Microsoft after leaving Qualcomm.