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Qualcomm-Apple War Drama Next Episode: Qualcomm Trying To Ban iPhones In US

Any hopes for a reunion between Apple and Qualcomm are dying out. Qualcomm now wants to put a ban on iPhones in US. The company is trying to stop arrival of new iPhones in US and those that are already in the country; Qualcomm is making an effort to ban them.

The case of Qualcomm against Apple is that Apple is using six of Qualcomm’s patents all of them needed to extend battery life of the phone. As per Qualcomm, their inventions are essential part of each and every iPhone and Apple is still using them while not paying for their technology.

Now Qualcomm has registered a complaint to US International Trade Commission and the US District Court for the Southern District of Californian in reference to this major issue.

This war has been going on between Apple and Qualcomm from the start of the year when Apple claimed that Qualcomm was overcharging them for using some basic patents. Then Qualcomm re-attacked Apple by saying that the company is making false statements and is breaking agreements. In May it was heard that Qualcomm is making an effort to ban Apple products in America. Later in June Apple approached court on the issue that the licenses that Qualcomm holds for sale of iPhone are worthless and invalid.

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This recent attack by Qualcomm is just another scene of the drama. Let’s see how many more episodes are yet to be seen and whether the ending would be happy or dramatic.

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