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Quaid-i-Azam University Closed Since October 4th – Reopening Remains Uncertain

Quaid-i-Azam University was closed since 4th October and there is uncertainty on whether the university will reopen or not. District administration has tried to resolve the issue but failed in the attempt. Now the university’s management is thinking to reopen it by the use of force.

In May 2017, QUA’s administration suspended 18 students and expelled 8 for their issues and extreme arguments in the university’s hostels.

The decision to suspend and expel these students was also approved by university’s syndicate that is the top decision-making body of QAU appointed by President of Pakistan.

Now the students who were punished are protesting against their removal from last week. They are mostly Baloch and Sindhi. Now they have barred the path for university’s buses to leave in the morning by protesting on the main road. Majority of students and employees are unable to reach QAU due to it.

The situation aggravated so much so that district administration intruded. Many meetings, discussions were done with students and university management but so far no fruitful result has been seen. The students are adamant for their immediate restoration while QAU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Javed Ashraf says it’s not his decision to make as only university’s syndicate can change this decision.

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QAU acting Registrar Dr. Imtiazuddin said, “While we are ready to accept their demands related to the need for more hostels and buses, the restoration of rusticated students is not in the VC’s hands. On this issue, we have sought three to four weeks from the protesting students since the syndicate is expected to meet early next month.”

So the situation has neither improved nor aggravated. The students are still protesting for their restoration while the administration has made no decision. They did say that University will open on Monday, today, even if it is done by force. The registrar said, “We will make a decision today. It is the VC who has to decide whether to remove protesters [by force if talks remain unfruitful],”

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