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Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds Discovered

Mother earth is full of varying treasures, many of which are still not found. One of these treasures—quadrillion tons of diamonds were recently discovered under the Earth’s surface; however, it is not possible to reach them.

According to the scientist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Earth’s crust is full of over quadrillion tons of diamond nearly 145-240 kilometre in depth and much farther from the reach of drilling that is done presently.

Diamond is known for being rare, unique and costly. Researchers are of the belief that the fact regarding diamonds of being rare might not be true. Ulrich Faul—the co-author said that though the diamond could not be reached at the moment however there are a lot more of them than ever imagined. It indicates that the diamond may not be the rare mineral that it was once imagined to be.

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As per the reports of The Talking Democrat, via making use of seismology for studying that how sound waves pass through the Earth, the treasure was found in rocks referred to as the “cratons” that are extended across the mantle. Researchers found sound waves that were massively speeding via the roots of old craters, the reason which led them to start the project.

Faul further explained that diamond is special in a lot of ways. One of its properties is that its speed of sound is double as fast as in the dominating ore present in the upper mantle rocks, olivine.

Scientists then assembled virtual rocks of different materials for calculating the speed of sound waves across them. It was then found that among all the various simulations tested, the only type of rock to respond to the data was where the carbonic roots were present comprising of one to two per cent diamond, besides ordinary rocks.

As per Popular Mechanics, the cratonic roots forms a larger portion of Earth’s crust, it is now thought that the ancient underground rocks have got a minimum of thousand times more diamond than was earlier thought, equalling to quadrillion tons of diamond present beneath the Earth’s surface.

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