Qingqi Rickshaw Fare to Increase, Sindh Cabinet Approves

Qingqi rickshaw fare

The Sindh cabinet has approved a summary asking for an increase in the Qingqi rickshaw fare. The approval was given on Monday.

While giving a briefing to the cabinet, Owais Qadir Shah—the Sindh Transport Minister and the Secretary Transport said that the Qingqi rickshaws would be charging Rs10 for a distance of nearly 6 kilometres. The fare would be Rs15 for a distance that is more than 6 kilometres.

The cabinet was informed that all the suggestions made by the Supreme Court about the fare of Qingqi rickshaws were being imposed.

The chief minister on the occasion instructed the ministry to register all the three-wheeler vehicles.

In the month of December 2018, the Sindh Transport Department sent a summary to Syed Murad Ali Shah—the chief minister of Sindh for fixing the fares of the registered Qingqi motorcycle rickshaws throughout the province.

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The summary was put forward by the transport secretary which suggested that the Qingqi motorcycle-rickshaws would be charging Rs10 per passenger for a distance that is nearly up to 6 kilometres.

The document mentions that the Supreme Court had given the directive on 29th March 2017, that all the provincial transport authorities must ensure that only those Qingqi that are manufactured by the registered and authorised by the Transport and Mass Transit department be permitted to operate, and that the approved rate of charges or fares for the specific routes should also be displayed on the Qingqi rickshaws before they commence operations on those routes.

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