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QAU Reopened Today: After Positive Dialogues Between Administration and Pupils

Finally, today after successful dialogs between the Quaid-e-Azam University administration and the protesting students, QAU reopened today that is Friday. The university was closed for about like sixteen days because of the strike by some students.

The protesting students had some demands which they wanted to get fulfilled to restore the normal functioning of the university. As per the demands, there was one demand about decreasing fee charges. After discussion between the two concerned parties, a consensus was reached last night about reducing the fees by ten percent.

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Another demand was about the restoration of the expelled students to which the Vice Chancellor of the university summoned a group for deciding the fate of those students that whether they would be allowed to continue studying in the university or the decision of their expulsion would be maintained.

The university has started its normal functions. Faculty members have also resumed their regular activities at the university and pupils who wish to enroll for admissions have also started to reach the institute.

Some students of QAU started this protest back on October 4, demanding the restoration of the expelled pupils involved in the fight and violence that occurred sometime back between two ethnic groups.

The demands put forward by the agitated students were of reducing the fees, news hostels, provision of buses, recompensing of large fines and for the improvement of students’ facilities.

They also demanded the replacement of Javed Ashraf the present Vice-Chancellor of the QAU university saying that all the administrative carelessness and misappropriation is because of him.

It is good news for all those students of QAU who really wanted to study and wanted that the university may resume its normal activities so that they could peruse their related studies. There were chances that if the university will not be reopened soon then the semester might have suspended been as per HEC. But now as the institute has been started so hopefully the semester would continue peacefully.

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