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QAU—Arrest Warrants Against 37 Protesting Students

Relating the ongoing protest by students of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), an arrest warrant has been issued for thirty-seven students on the request of QAU administration. City government took the step and issued these warrants on Wednesday.

No consensus has been attained by the protesting students and the administration of the university, from the day this strike matter started that is October 4th till date.

The Vice-Chancellor Javed Ashraf was instructed by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education either to reopen the campus or to resign from the position.

The students who were apart of this strike have got cases registered against them at the Secretariat police station. An action is expected against these students in the next twenty-four hours’ time as per sources.

VC of the university respecting the instruction of National Assembly Standing Committee said that the university would be resuming its normal academic activities in fourteen days’ time. But the decision went useless as university administration could not implement the decision.

Javed Ashraf informed the faculty members of the university by a text message about reopening of the campus from tomorrow while simultaneously the administration tried to get the help of city administration to arrest the students involved in agitation.

Gul Majeed, Resident Officer QAU said that university administration is willing to open the campus but city administration is not providing the needed assistance.

He further mentioned that the National Assembly unit has ordered for giving the administrative help but so far, no help has arrived.

A faculty member when inquired said that they have been instructed to start regular classes from Thursday but it seems impossible in the present scenario. He also mentioned that the VC cannot forcefully implement his decisions especially when students are agitated enough to block university entrances and are puncturing the vehicles.

Meanwhile, the protesting students are in no mood of abiding with any decision may that be of administration or VC.

Jahanzeb Khan, Chairman Pashtoon Students’ Council said that the university will not be reopened unless the demands of the students are fulfilled.

The leader of the student body said that we will make the opening of the university impossible.

In the meantime, VC university said that the university would be open today as per the decision and that administration is looking for viable options to implement the decision.

While presenting his case to the committee Javed Ashraf said that earlier there had been a clash between two ethnic groups and the involved students were expelled, and the faculty and deans are not ready for restoring the expelled students.

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He also added in his briefing that out of the thirteen demands presented by the protesting students one is of restoring the expelled pupils but that demand cannot be fulfilled as no stakeholder is agreeing on it, fearing that this act would encourage the violent acts in future also.  But, Chairman of the committee MNA Col (Retd) Amir Ullah Marwat said that no matter what may the situation be the university better be reopened or the VC may sign his resignation in a days time. He also said because of all this the newly admitted students are suffering and that is in no way justifiable.

Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said that the university VC and administration is devoid of leadership qualities and is being manipulated by a bunch of students.

Chairman HEC said that the expelled pupils can be restored if they have given the fine or have completed their punishment. He also said that if the classes will not start soon then the semester would be canceled.

The committee advised Javed Ashraf to listen to the justified demands of the students and to take strict action against all the students involved in violent activities within the university premises.

Islamabad’s administration was also told to provide maximum cooperation to the university administration for providing security covers and for keeping the law and order under control in the university.