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“Qatar Visa Centre” to be Founded for Pakistanis

Qatar Visa Centre

The government of Qatar has chosen Pakistan to be among the eight nations where “Qatar Visa Centre” would be founded for the facilitation of Pakistanis who wants to work in Qatar, as informed by the Qatari embassy to Zulfikar Bukhari—Prime Ministers’ Special Assistant in a letter.

The Qatari embassy in the letter that was sent to the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD, said that in the first phase of the plan, eight visa centres would be established across the world for facilitating the workers from various nations in the process of making deals or agreements with their respective employers before they arrive in Qatar.

The “Qatar Visa Centres” would also assist in safeguarding the rights of the workforce in case they are broken or in any way violated by the employers.

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The Qatari ambassador has shown a positive gesture for increasing the job opportunities for the Pakistanis in Qatar.

The formation of a visa centre would assure the removal of exploitative practices and the Pakistani workers would have their rights completely protected.

There are one lac fifteen thousand Pakistanis in Qatar and the new job opportunities would definitely be increasing this count.

Previously the foreign minister of Qatar has proposed to provide 1 lac job opportunities to Pakistan. This was done as a positive gesture for further strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries.

Both the countries are important members of the Muslim world and they assured each other of working in unison at all forums for the improvement of common causes.

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