Qatar to Provide Financial Assistance for Reviving PIA

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It is apparent that the visit of PM Khan to Qatar proved beneficial as the Gulf country among many good proposals has also offered to give financial assistance to Pakistan for reviving PIA.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi—the Foreign Minister has already said that the visit of the Prime Minister—Imran Khan would prove beneficial for the economy of Pakistan.

He mentioned that Qatar has vowed to give economic assistance to Pakistan and has also asked for the investment opportunities in the different divisions of the country.

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While giving briefings about the visit of Imran Khan to Qatar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Qatar would be purchasing 2 gas power plants from Pakistan.

The minister also informed that the government of Qatar has the plans of buying power plants from Pakistan besides building 2 other power plants in the country.

He also mentioned that the government of Qatar has got the plans of providing financial assistance for the revival of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Regarding the decision of lifting the ban on Pakistani rice import by Qatar the foreign minister said that this move is expected to add billions to the country’s exports.

Matters about the regional and bilateral relations between the two nations were also discussed during the meeting that occurred at the Diwan—Amiri in Doha.

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