Qatar to Hire 100,000 Pakistanis & issue them Work Visa

second visa facilitation centre

Qatar is going to hire 100,000 Pakistanis, as revealed by the Consul General (CG) of Qatar in Karachi Mishal M. Al Ansari. Qatar will issue work visa to Pakistanis in different sectors and fields.

He further said that a month ago, Qatar opened visa centres in Karachi and Islamabad to facilitate the workers and professionals.

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He said that bilateral relations between Pakistan and Qatar need to strengthen. Stating that,  “We are looking for partnership in the agriculture industry. We have a desert country; we want to promote our agriculture industry through modern technology.”

At the Sindh Cham­ber of Agriculture (SCA) presi­dent Qabool Mohammad Khatian’s residence, he addressed the media. It is located in Matiari district in Arif Khatian village.

He revealed that already almost 150,000 Pakistanis are working in various fields in Qatar. Adding that Pak-Qatar relations are strong and will further improve.

 He said, “We are working on bolstering bilateral relations and looking forward to taking advantage of Pakistan’s offers and vice versa.”

He disclosed that he had visited Pakistan for the first time and saw agriculturalists and farming areas. He loved the sweet mangoes available in Sindh. He revealed that already Qatar is importing different fruits and vegetables from Pakistan and it will continue to increase.

Talking about China-Pakistan Eco­no­mic Corridor (CPEC), he said that Pakistan will benefit from it.

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