Qatar Refuses to Invest in three major airports of Pakistan

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) refuses to invest in Pakistan airports primarily due to the deviation from the model of 2017 by authorities concerned in Pakistan. Under which they do not want to hand over airport operations to professional management.

The authorities in Pakistan now wish to outsource individual services which include parking services, tuck shop services, restaurant services. This is so that they can retain operational control.

The official documents revealed, “The deviation by the authorities concerned from the earlier model carved out in 2017 under which expression of interests were sought for ‘Operation Management and Development Agreement’ and ‘Airport Services Licence’ is the main reason of refusal by Qatar Investment Authority to invest in major airports of Pakistan.”

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Qatar wants Pak government to transfer the ownership of three airports which include Islamabad Airport, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, and Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore via purchasing the stakes of the government-owned company up to 40 percent. However, the Qatar Investment Authority under a new scenario has shown no interest in the offer of the government of outsourcing the commercial activities of the said airports.

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