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Qatar Plans to Invest $22 billion in Pakistan


Qatar has announced that it has got the plans of investing $22 billion in the different sectors of Pakistan.

The Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamid Al-Thani has got the plans to visit the country on the 23rd of June to mark out the details.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways has given confirmation to the visit of the Qatari Emir and to the expected investment as well.

Previously, Pakistan had suggested 30 projects to the investors and to the government of Qatar.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also made the announcement of investing $21 billion in Pakistan under its investment plan that consists of 3 phases.

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The first phase of the investment plan includes investment on Aqua Power, the Saudi Fund for Pakistan and RLNG Plants for Pakistan. This would be a short-term investment and is anticipated to come in a year or two with a volume of $7 billion.

The second phase comprises of the mid-term investment that would complete within 2 or 3 years. This investment of $2 billion would be covering the agriculture, food and petrochemical projects.

The third phase consists of a long-term investment that would be of $12 billion. The Saudi Aramco refinery project and mineral development projects are a part of the third phase.

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