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Qatar Lifts Ban on Pakistani Rice Import

Pakistani rice import

It seems that the visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister–Imran Khan has proven fruitful. As after the visit Qatar has decided to lift the ban on Pakistani rice import.

Abdul Razak Dawood—adviser to the PM mentioned that the government has the plans of taking Pakistan’s export to another level. He further added that the government is taking all the needed steps for enhancing the export which includes reclaiming the conventional markets besides accessing new markets.

As per the media release on Wednesday, one of the measures taken is to manage the removal of the bars on Pakistani products in the international markets. The removal of the ban by Qatar on Pakistani rice export is one step towards the direction that would be reclaiming the share of Pakistan in the global rice market.

During the PM—Imran Khan’s visit to Qatar, the government of Qatar finally agreed to include Pakistan origin rice in the tender documents of the Central Tendering Committee, which comes directly under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Qatar.

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The ban lift is anticipated to give an additional $40-50 million of rice exports to Qatar if the quality of the rice is maintained. The yearly import of rice is 200,000 tones.

It is important to mention that over the years, Qatar has imported Pakistani rice in a significant number. The exports of rice were at 80,000 to 100,000 tonnes per annum costing $80-90 million by the year 2010-11, which has decreased to $20-$25 million per annum in the span of last 5 years.

As per reports the major reason for the ban on Pakistani rice by Qatar was because of the low quality and substandard Pakistani rice supplied by the exporters against the government tenders in 2011-12.

The Indian rice exporters took the most benefit of the situation and their rice exports reached 142,000 tonnes in 2017 from 18,774 tonnes in 2011.

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