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Qatar Airways Offering Up to 40% Discount Now

Qatar Airways has been named the “World’s Best Business Class Airline” at the 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards. As a celebration, Qatar Airways has offered 40% discount on its Premium charges to passengers going to famous business and holiday destinations globally. This 40% off is part of sales campaign launched globally by the airline this week. It says “Fly with the World’s Best Business Class”

From “Airline of the Year,” “Best Airline in the Middle East,” and “World’s Best First Class Airline Lounge, the airline won many awards on the globally recognized 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards

So all the travelers can make use of this special discount offer and travel to popular destinations that include Nice, France; Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Skopje. Moreover, a global expansion is expected this summer by launching its airline in Kyiv, Ukraine; Prague, Czech Republic and Sohar, Oman.

The offer is from 31st July to 9th August. Also, other discounts are offered by the airline for passengers traveling to Sohar, Oman; Kyiv, Ukraine, and Prague, Czech Republic

The airline won the best business class airline award as it introduced a new business class seat called “Qsuite,” It was a new feature and it set a standard in Business Class travel.  It introduced the first ever double bed in Business class It also provide privacy to the travelers via privacy panels and it also has a movable T.V.Thus creating an extremely comfortable atmosphere for the passengers.

Even though Qatar Airways went through a rough patch recently on being banned by Gulf Countries, it most certainly is regaining its position.

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