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Qatar Airways Affected Severely By Ban From Saudia, UAE, Bahrain & Egypt

The business of Qatar Airways has been affected severely as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE suspend connections with Qatar. Qatar Airways is a state owned carrier that has become one of the world’s best airlines. Now the situation has aggravated for this carrier. Already flights that were booked through this airway to the four countries have been cancelled. 50 daily flights have suffered till now. Passengers in Doha’s airport are at a loss being stuck at the airport due to their expected flight cancellation through Qatar Airways.

Along with this the situation is more critical for the banned airways because Saudi Arabia and UAE are two biggest markets of it. The ban will result in a loss of 30 per cent of revenue of the carrier.

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More than this this situation would negatively affect the passengers as well. Qatar Airways is the most famous airline, transporting passengers from Asia to Africa or West. Now if it is not allowed to take flight in the four countries, passengers would have to find alternate solutions and take alternate longer routes to reach Western States and African countries.

Saudi Arab was the first country to ban Qatar Airways on Monday. After that UAE followed while Bahrain has allowed just one route through its airspace. As it would be the only route allowed for Qatar Airways that is why it is expected to be over loaded with travellers.

Along with these countries Yemen, Libya and the Maldives have also banned Qatar Airways.

Routes cut off:

Westward over Saudi Arabia

Eastward over the Arabian Gulf

Iran route restricted as it involve flying through Bahraini airspace

Effect of the ban on Qatar Airways:

  • Qatar Airways is the most reliable airways due to its hub-and-spoke model. So the ban would obviously have a negative impact.
  • UAE and Saudia being the largest markets, their cut off would bring down revenue of Qatar Airways
  • Passengers would have to look for more complex routes and costly flights to reach their destination
  • Hub model would be affected, which means that numerous schedule timings won’t be met.

Qatar Airways didn’t respond on this critical situation it is facing. The facts though are obvious; Qatar Airways would desperately need the four countries to lift off the ban for its survival.