Qantas Launches World’s Longest Direct Flight


Qantas’ Project Sunrise has launched the world’s longest direct flight. On October 18th, the world’s longest test flight took off aiming to link Sydney directly to both London and New York.

The first test flight covering a 10,000-mile distance will help in quantifying the effect that flying such vast distances have on the travelers, this includes their physical health.

As the time-zone change clock is at 15 hours between Sydney and New York, the tickets of these direct flights are not yet sold by Qantas.

However, 40 crew members have embarked on this journey. The flight departed from JFK on Friday night and will land in Sydney on Sunday morning. This flight will assess the behaviors of the passengers including how much they moved around the cabin, what they ate, how much they slept.

The impact of jet-lag will be seen on the passengers.

University of Sydney professor Stephen Simpson said, “We know from the basic science of circadian rhythms that a bigger time difference between departure and arrival locations, and traveling east rather than west, tends to mean people feel more jet lag. But people seem to be wildly different when it comes to the experience of jet lag — and we need more research on what contributes to jet lag and travel fatigue, so we can try and reduce the impact of long-haul flights.”

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Once these assessments are made the airline will launch the flights commercially in 2022.

A Boeing 787-9 will operate the flight, but Qantas is also pushing both Airbus and Boeing to adapt present models of both the A350 and 777x to enable the route to be commercially viable.

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