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Q Mobile Company banned in Pakistan for smuggling and tax evasion

Last year November Q Mobile a famous mobile company in Pakistan was found involved in smuggling and tax evasion. The Q mobile Scandal was said to be the country’s first large-scale scandal of mobile phone smuggling and tax evasion. Authorities banned Q Mobile Company to continue operations in Pakistan until further notice.

According to a local news channel Karachi customs department caught a container packed with 63000 smuggled mobile phones and tablets. “DG Com” a company behind the Q Mobile falsely stated that they have imported LED lights in the container which actually had all mobile phones and tablets in order to deceit Karachi Customs Collector and evade taxation. DG Com has also successfully cleared four containers full of mobile phones and tablets earlier to this event.

According to the sources, Q Mobile was dodging the authorities for the last few years putting a serious dent in National Exchequer. Despite the regulations imposed by PTA and FBR, Q-Mobile company was also involved in shattering the law and chicanery. The company was also blamed for selling illegal phones without IMEI number last year May.

The company involved in billions of Rupees scam is now under strict surveillance, the company is currently banned in Pakistan to start operations, that is why no promotional campaign or advertisement you see on local channels.

It is not confirmed yet whether Q-Mobile would be back in business or not, how long it will take to deal with the scandal and all the legalities it contains, it is possible that company after paying the taxes, fines and legal obligations by the government start their operations in Pakistan but there is no solid evidence as yet, what would happen to the company.

Q-Mobile was the market leader in Pakistan for the last few years; however, the gap Q-Mobile is leaving behind is a great opportunity for mobile manufacturers.