Punjab Transport Dept. Sets Rs.40 Fare for the Orange Line Lahore – RS News

Punjab Transport Dept. Sets Rs.40 Fare for the Orange Line Lahore

Orange Line Lahore

The Punjab Transport Department has set Rs.40 fare for the Orange Line Lahore travel service. The passengers would be required to pay the amount for one-way travel if they would be availing the service.

As per the shared details, a notification about the fares has been issued as well.

People would be able to travel on the train from Dera Gujran to Ali Town commencing from the 25th of October.

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The service would be covering a distance of 27 kilometers and would begin officially in 2020. The electric train is entirely automatic with a seating capacity for two hundred people. 800 people would be able to stand and avail the ride in the train.

At the moment, the mechanical and technical trials of the train are being done.

The construction work on this venture started in 2014, however, it was stopped after the Lahore Development Authority remained unsuccessful to release the funds to the construction firms.

Back in 2018, the court had directed the authority to issue funds that costs Rs.400 million and Rs.600 million to the contractors after which the construction work restarted.

It is anticipated that the project would be facilitating more than 350,000 passengers annually.

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