Punjab to Setup 307 Fair Price Shops During Ramzan – Research Snipers

Punjab to Setup 307 Fair Price Shops During Ramzan

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As per the reports of Radio Pakistan, Punjab government has taken the decision to set up new fair price shops of every daily usage item during the month of Ramzan.

Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial, the provincial agriculture minister in his statement said, that these daily use items will be guaranteed to be provided at subsidized rates in these shops.

Managing Director of Utility stores corporation made an announcement for the subsidization of nineteen essential items around
Rs50/kg under Ramzan package for the people.

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Rs5/kg of sugar and Rs4/kg of wheat is to be given at subsidy rates as per the announcement. Also ration cards have been introduced for the poor people on all utility stores.

A decision has been made by the manager of the utility stores corporation for distributing 0.1 million ration bags in the locals of Baluchistan.

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