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Punjab to Launch Country’s First Milk Vending Machine

Pakistan’s first ever automated dispenser unit is going to be unveiled next month for providing purer and cheap milk, as informed by Saira Iftikhar—Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board Chief Executive Officer.

On Tuesday while talking to the members of the Agriculture Journalists Association (AJA), Saira explained that this automated milk dispensing machine was built in Pakistan at a price of rupees six lacs. The main idea behind launching this machine is to promote dairy farmers to sell milk via the vending machine. The present distribution scenario of milk in the country is giving rise to many questions and needs an intervention by the public sector to introduce new dairy businesses as a trial.

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Explaining details Saira Iftikhar said that nearly two thousand litres of milk is being produced from the Sahiwal cow breed at the farm of Khizerabad near Sargodha which would be sold through the automated dispensing machine at one of the markets in the provincial capital of Punjab in the Township area. The milk would be sold at a price of rupees of seventy-five per litre.

She added that the consumers could themselves see the milk being packaged after they pay the purchasing amount. She further informed that the milk comes from the local-elite cow breed being raised at green meadows, along with other healthy minerals without any harmful substances like aflatoxins or impurities being fed to these poor animals.

She claimed that the milk contains 4 percent fats and 3.6 percent proteins and there are no additives present in the milk. The milk is labelled the A2 type, which makes the milk more digestible, healthier and nourishing than the other cow’s milk currently available in the market.

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