‘Punjab Speed’ Launching Today in Multan

‘Punjab Speed’, a Bus Link-Network is starting from today, good news for the residents of Multan. The news was advertised in a local newspaper.

The government of Punjab is eager about making transportation facilities widely and easily available for the locals. Keeping this moto in mind they started many projects for the betterment of transport system. ‘Punjab Speed’ is another such project along with the Metro Bus Projects to benefit a maximum number of people.

The buses of the newly launched service are fully air-conditioned. A total of hundred buses are to enter the first phase of the service’s launch. The bus would travel on eleven defined routes, as per the initial plans of the service. The feeder routes would be in line to the routes of Multan Metrobus System.

The feeder routes have their own separate charges but the routes would be having corporal and functional incorporation with the Multan Metro Bus.
The fares of the bus service would be nominal and would be such that every man could avail the service. E-ticketing facility would also be provided as per the ad, which clearly indicates that the project is technologically equipped and advance.

Punjab Mass Transit Authority claims it to be a public bus service of international standards.

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The bus would be stopping after every 500 meters distance. The arrival time is just ten minutes so that if one bus is missed the other could be taken easily to reach the desired place and on time.

This is another good initiative by the Punjab government for making the lives of people better and organized when it comes to traveling. Not everyone could afford personal air-conditioned cars but services like ‘Punjab Speed’ and Metrobus Systems have made it easy even for the underprivileged class to travel in a clean, safe and pleasant environment.

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