Punjab Schools to Face Strict Action for Lay-Offs

Punjab Schools

Murad Raas, the Punjab Minister for School Education has said that strict action would be taken against the private schools found laying off teachers.

A private school laid off 190 staff members including the teaching staff, the school quoted that it was going through financial issues owing to the pandemic that has affected all in one way or the other. The Minister shared about stern action in his address after he took notice of the private school.

He said that all the private school teachers are being terminated from their jobs should file written complaints to their respective district education authority (DAE) CEO and the department would then take action against these schools.

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He also said that the private schools were charging fees from parents and that all the schools did not have that much expenses as the schools are closed, then how could the schools’ lay-off their staff.

The minister said that they would be taking measures to stand with the teachers and to act against the schools for breaking the directives provided by the government.

In the meantime, the representatives of the private schools have given out their statements that they were forced to lay off their staff because of the financial problems amid COVID-19 and as the situation goes back to normal the schools would then address the staff issue.

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