Punjab Police to extract 4610 Policemen from VIP duties to save Rs3 billion

Punjab Police has taken a bold decision to withdraw personnel from VIP protocol security duties of unauthorized persons which costs the government roughly Rs3 billion a year. However, the cost has not included the fuel and vehicles which could take the cost even higher than the estimates.

While hearing the human rights case on Sunday, a two-member bench which was headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan CJP observed that “if the same amount is spent on health and education it could create a lot of difference.”

On Thursday, the court has directed the IGs of Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Islamabad Police to restrict the security protocols for the people who are not entitled to have it. The head of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already recalled policemen following the orders of the court. Roughly, 13,000 policemen were called back amid the court orders who were serving the special security duties.

The lower courts and Supreme Court is taking precise measures to rectify the mismanagements in the country, recently NAB has fired 23 of its officers for the misconduct and negligence, and moreover, Supreme Court ordered health minister to import machinery within 10 days in order to carry out treatment to two minor siblings affected with cholesterol.