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Punjab Police to Computerize Department’s Weapon Record

The Central Police Office of Lahore (CPO) has taken a decision to computerize the weapons record that is in use of the Punjab Police.

The Disciplines and Inspection Branch of the Punjab Police would be performing the computerization process. Ijaz Shad—Additional IG, said that the police have started the procedure for digitalization of the records.

Under the process of computerization of the weapons, a computerized number would be allotted to each weapon that could easily be verified via the computer. The computerized record would be managed from the Central Police Office. This initiative would assist in the inspection and maintenance of the weapons.

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The decision of keeping a digitalized record of the weapons was taken after there had been many reported cases of the selling of the parts of the weapon or the weapon itself, cases of tempering, or the issues of not returning the weapon back on time by the officers in various districts of Punjab.

Punjab Police conducted an internal investigation some weeks back. In its conducted inquiry, it was unveiled that many of the Beretta pistols being used by the police are fake.

The Punjab Police department may that be the regular one or the traffic police department both are undergoing development phase technology wise.

Recently many programs have been launched which are targeted solely at making the police force much more developed and digitized. Punjab Police Toolkit is one of the recent launches that provide access to the authorised police officials to police-related data and that too just via their smartphones. The toolkit is connected to an integrated database, which links all the 36 districts of the province of Punjab.

The decision to keep a proper record of the weapons owned by the police department is a good step, as it would not only keep a check on the department’s property but would also help in reducing the use of department stolen weapons in robberies and crimes.

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