Punjab Police Integrated Command And Control Communication Centre Will Establish In Multan

A Punjab Police Integrated Command and Control Communication Centre (C&CCC) will be established by Punjab Safe City Authority in Multan. Bilal Ahmad Butt, Commissioner Multan disclosed this information while chairing a meeting held to discuss the construction of the center and set up of Dolphin Force by saying
“The motive behind setting up this center is to offer protection to the citizens, improving police’s coordination with the masses and curb crimes with the help of latest technology.”

A five-storey building would be established at Mela Ground Shah Shamas. The deadline given for its construction is until March 2018. Currently, 60% of the investment in hand and is received. Mr. Bilal was certain they will not face any lack of funds.

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Sultan Azam Taimoori the Regional Police Officer also spoke on the occasion saying that any issues and hindrances have been removed and police would continue to provide funds for this project. He put emphasis on effective communication and coordination for the success of the project. Moreover, he felt that people of Multan would be protected in a better and efficient manner once the project is functional.

The Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry had a concern related to corporate tax as it was a discouraging factor in promoting industrial investment and expansion. President MCCI Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that if we see corporate tax in various underdeveloped countries it is extremely less than in Pakistan. In Bangladesh the tax is 25%, Vietnam 22%, Singapore 17%, Sri Lanka 15% but in Pakistan, it is 38%, which is shocking. In order to boost exports, the tax should go down to 17 or 18%.

Cost of labor & energy is more in Pakistan in comparison to Bangladesh, India, and Thailand. Political instability also hinder development in the country. So effort should be made by our government to boost industrial sector of the country so that economy flourishes.

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