Punjab Police called ‘Postmen’ in Their New Uniform – Research Snipers

Punjab Police called ‘Postmen’ in Their New Uniform

The police officers of Punjab are totally miserable with their new uniform and desperately want the old uniform back. A survey report compiled by a team constituted by the inspector general of police (IGP) Punjab has revealed this.

Forms were given to the police officers under the directives of IGP Arif Nawaz Khan. In the forms, the officers were asked queries related to their uniform, its color, pattern, appearance, if it is easy to wear etc. Moreover, they are asked whether they want the old uniform back or what alterations they would like in the current attire.

As per reports, police officers said that in the humid season the uniform is totally unbearable and it’s a “miserable” experience wearing this uniform. Majority of the officers had a negative response to the uniform.

An assistant sub-inspector said, “When they see us in the new uniform, people call us postmen and some even laugh at us.”  He further said that the old uniform had a dignity attached to it which is missing in the new one. ASI was also straightforward in saying that it is better facilities and working condition that police officers need, not a new uniform.

He further informed, “We have to spend our own money during investigations or put the burden on the family of victims or the accused when they are transported to jail. Only the police officials who are investigating murders are paid from the investigation funds but even that is insufficient.”

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IGP needs to make changes in these sensitive issues instead of a uniform. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Sheikhupura police started wearing the new dark olive green uniform from September. Other cities will switch to this uniform till December 2017.

Police officers were provided two uniform kits consisting of two pairs of trousers, two shirts, two round neck shirts, a belt and badges. They were asked to wear the shoes that came with the old uniforms.