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Punjab Places A Ban on Basant Festival Celebrations

Basant Festival Celebrations

The government of Punjab has directed to impose a ban on the Basant festival celebrations, as per the reports of local media on Sunday.

The Punjab Chief Secretary has released an order to this effect.

A government meeting had a discussion on the issue of celebrating the Basant in the month of February, as per sources.

The Punjab chief secretary in the session also instructed the district administrations in the province to take strict action against the kite flying throughout the province, as indicated by the sources.

The meeting made the decision with the resolution that no person would be permitted to play the bloody sport, as per sources.

The meeting decided with the resolve that no person will be allowed to play the blood sport, according to the sources.

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A lawyer had previous year moved the LHC (Lahore High Court) against the decision of the government to lift the 12-year old ban imposed on the Basant Festival celebration in Punjab.

The petitioner also said that it was unconstitutional to permit such n activity that leads to the loss of human lives.

The ban on the Basant festival was imposed by the apex court in 2007 after the deaths of many people owing to the glass-coated strings of the kite.

Previously, in the year 2005, the court imposed a ban on the making, trade or flying of kites. The court said that it was a precautionary step for preventing the loss of lives since the strings of kites were sometimes laced with chemicals.

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