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Punjab Parks to be Changed into Field Hospitals

Punjab Parks

The government of Punjab has taken the decision of setting up the field hospitals at its parks for the treatment of the patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Asif Mehmood, the Parks and Horiculture Authority chairperson said that these field hospitals would serve as the quarantine centres when the burden on the hospitals surges.

He further added that he has given many instructions to the administrations of the various cities to abide with the given directives.

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Hilal-e-Ahmar, in Rawalpindi has established a 200-bed field hospital at a park.

Abrar-ul-Haq, the chairperson of the Hilal-e-Ahmar said that these hospitals would be used for the treatment of the coronavirus patients.

He also informed that the hospitals have got ICU beds and ventilators.

On the other hand, new guidelines have been issued for the superstores and the grocery markets regarding their time of operations and the preventive bars that they need to incorporate during the opertaing hours amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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