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Punjab Launches “Folk Studio”

For promoting Punjab’s folk heritage and culture the Punjab Council of Arts has introduced Folk Studio—which is strictly intertwined and excessively rich in cultural diversity of the province.

The province of Punjab is the largest in terms of population. There reside people speaking many different local languages with certain dialects and accent practising various traditions and cultures.

Saman Rai—Additional Culture Secretary and also the director of the Punjab Arts Council has taken the initiative and under this initiation every week a divisional arts council would be presenting a show featuring folk artists.

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The launch ceremony of the program took place on Saturday at an Open-Air Theatre at Bagh-i-Jinnah. The ceremony’s chief guest was Umar Rasool—Additional Chief Secretary and the guest of honour was Atta Muhammad Khan—Executive Director of the Lahore Arts Council.

At the ceremony folk dances and music, performances were presented by the vocalists and singers of Potohari and the presentation was by the divisional Arts Council Rawalpindi.

The Punjab Arts Council has got further nine divisional arts councils. Every Saturday there would be a cultural show held at the Open-Air Theatre—Bagh-i-Jinnah by each divisional arts council.

Stalls were also put up displaying Potohari handicrafts. Female visitors were most attracted to one of the stalls selling bead necklaces and bracelets.

This is a good initiative by the cultural secretary to promote and boost the culture of the province. Doing this would not only attract local visitors but would also educate people about the different cultures and values being practised within the country by people belonging to different backgrounds.

Punjab has produced many great folk artists this step would also be a chance for the local artists to display their talent at a platform in order to gain recognition and fame.

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