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Punjab Increases Utility Allowances for Govt. Officials

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The government of Punjab has increased the utility allowances for the government employees. The decision would be implemented from 2020.

The increase in the utility Allowances would be effective from the 1st of January 2020.

The approval was given during a meeting that was led by the Punjab Finance Minister.

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As per the decision, grade 1-8 employees would be getting the Utility Allowances of Rs.5,400, the allowance of 7,200 would be granted to the employees of grade 9-14, while the employees of grade-15 would get Rs.9,000 and the Private secretaries, grade 16 officials and the Superintendents would be getting Rs.12,600 in allowance.

As per the latest development, Bangladesh has bought 82 ton of Pakistani onions recently.

According to the reports, India has placed a ban on the exports of onions to Bangladesh which has led to a shortage of the commodity. For handling the situation Bangladesh has taken the decision of importing onions from Pakistan.

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