Punjab Govt. Using Anti-Malaria Drug to Treat Coronavirus


Due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the province, the Punjab government has decided to treat critically ill patients with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. This step has been taken as the doctors in China, the U.S and Italy have been using both these anti-malarial drugs for serious COVID-19 patients.

Also, recently the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has also formally authorized doctors to treat coronavirus patients using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. As FDA has approved it, the Punjab government has taken this decision.

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Already, 50,000 tablets of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been procured by the Punjab government.

The Chief Executive Mayo Hospital Lahore, Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan said that the doctors at the hospital are using this drug to treat the serious coronavirus patients.

The initial assessment of using these drugs is that both of them have positive results on the patients.

Among other important steps taken the Punjab government has set up a 1,000-bed hospital at Expo Center in Lahore. There are 1,900 doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who have been deployed there. Also the field hospital has 35 ventilators.

There are three parts in which the hospital has been divided. Two parts are for the mild and severe coronavirus patients while the third portion is for seriously ill patients.

The supervision of this whole operation will be done by Dr. Asad Khan, Chief Executive Mayo Hospital.

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