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Punjab Govt to Increase Rs10 in Metro Bus Fares

metro bus fares

On Sunday the transport department suggested an increase of Rs10 in the metro bus fares operating in the province of Punjab.

As per the sources in the transport department, passengers would be charged twenty rupees for the initially travelled ten kilometres, however, an increase has been suggested for the fares that are to be collected for distances travelled beyond 10 kilometres.

According to sources, the suggestion surfaced in light of the decision of the government to reduce the subsidy given on the metro bus fares.

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The sources further added that it has also been decided that the card system for the Speedo bus service would also be halted. The passengers would be able to travel on the Speedo bus by simply paying the bus fares.

Previously, there were cards that had been issued for the Speedo Bus service and the passengers were not permitted to take on the journey on the Speedo buses without their cards.

Earlier it was in the news that the petroleum product prices would be decreased drastically by the federal government. There are chances that in the month of December 2018 the prices of the petroleum products would be reduced by five to seven rupees per litre.

The oil prices have lessened in the international market, the public is full of hopes that the government would be taking the decision in favour of the public and would be easing their lives by taking away the pressure of another price surge.

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