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Punjab Govt to Build A Birth and Death Record System

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The Punjab government is considering to introduce some new initiatives that have not been considered by the earlier governments. The government of Punjab has recently taken the decision of launching Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) record system for supplying birth and death certificates in the various regions of Punjab.

Dr Yasmin Rashid—the Health Minister of Punjab introduced the process where the doctors who are working under the CRVS would observe the cause of death and would allow the issuance of death certificates in the province. The complete birth and death record system would be given to the local governments and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

The government of Punjab in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Planning and Development is working for training the masses at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). The step has been taken for bringing a healthy atmosphere among the people.

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The health minister of Punjab made the claims that there was no such policy for data recording about the causes of death in the province.

Dr Rashid mentioned that having records hold precious repute in matters. The government is in a strong position when it has got a clear-cut data. Before the initiative, most of the doctors made the claim that the cause of death was either cardiac or respiratory arrest without even looking or analysing for the actual cause of death.

As per the health minister, with the aid of this initiative, senior and well-educated doctors would be able to determine the death causes.

The computerized record of every patient would help the authorities in assembling the entire data, that would also assist them in looking forward to diseases that have not been mentioned previously.

The death certificates would be issued by the hospitals that are under the CRVS system and after proper recognition the certificates would be given over to the related groups.

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