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Punjab Govt. Surges Metro Bus Fares in Lahore, Rawalpindi

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The government of Punjab has given approval for surging the metro bus fares in Lahore and Rawalpindi by Rs.10.

The cabinet division has told the Punjab Mass Transit Authority of the surge in fares and the order would be put into effect after a notification is given out.

The new fare for the cities of Lahore and Rawalpindi metro buses would be Rs.30.

Previously in the month of July, the Mass Transit Authority had asked the provincial cabinet for surging the fares. The government had approved to surge the fares, but the new rates had not been approved by the cabinet.

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The federal government has already taken the decision to do away with the subsidy on the bus service.

In the month of May, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that substantial subsidies were adding a burden on the economy.

Passengers are not at all pleased with the increase in the fares. They are of the opinion that the government must not burden the people with such surges when the inflation is already high in the nation.

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